Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why now?

Why start a blog now at 35? Well I'm not really starting. I'm restarting. I have had a few accounts in the past and I never went anywhere with them. I started one my second deployment to Iraq but never even got off the ground. The closest thing I currently have is my Myspace blog, but that's for friends and family.

This is for me. For what I want to write down without everyone noticing that I think "Aunt Candies" chicken and spinach goulash is the worst thing on the planet and should only be used as a WMD to kill off small burrowing rodents.

What inspired this new and improved version? An old friend. Someone from high school. Back when I wrote in a spiral bound notebook almost everyday. That friends blog reminded me how much I loved writing way back when.

I will go over that in later posts. I've already put a outline of what my first few posts will be about. So I will not go into to much this time.

I should mention that I have no standard education past high school. That being said, my spelling is bad. Reeeeeaaaallllyy bad. Grammar non existent. Just bear with me. Or Bare with me if your the type to sit around reading blogs in the nude.

For now, Don't let the bastards grind you down.




  1. hiya. I had a link in here from my stats page.

    You're gonna blog! Ha. It is a virus. Two things, 'Aero'. Well, 3.

    1. Aww.
    2. I didn't see Ender's Game on your book list. Read that?
    3. Monday is official 'blog in the nude' day.

    Now you're all set.

  2. Your right. I am. We will see how long it lasts this time. You inspired me actually. I have tones of stuff written down here and there. Lost a lot too. From crashed hard drives, and tossed notebooks. I'm use to this site so sticking to it for now. And No the other Aero that use to post here is not me.

    I have read Ender's Game. I may even have it in my current library. And I thought every day was blog in the nude day?