Thursday, January 29, 2009


How about a little blast from the past.

Good ol' Waldorf and Staatler

I'm saddened that this wasn't Beaker doing MeepMeep Meep meep meep but this remix video is still win.

To make up for that, CLASSIC Beaker singing Ode to Joy

Who doesn't like Kokomo?

You know for what it was the Muppets always delivered with good sets, varied puppets, and made great memories.

The Swedish Chef ROCKS!

Hmmm And lets throw in the season 1 opening for good measure.

If you would like to see the differences in each season check out Chanchickurin's YouTube channel.

As a kid I couldn't wait for new episodes to come on. Even in repeats they're still pretty good. And if you still want more YouTube is full of Muppet goodness. Danny Boy, REM's Furry Happy Monsters, The Star Wars Opening, Can you ever really get enough of the Swedish Chef? When My kids were a bit younger we drove my wife crazy as we all had THIS song stuck in our heads. Those were the good ol' days.

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