Friday, January 23, 2009

Finding yourself

So I'm listening to the 970am live feed over the Internet (Between 11 and 3) and searching for old friends. Now with the Internet being what it is you would think with just a little bit of info you should be able to find anyone. There is still one of my old army buddies I have not been able to find. So thinking this I started to wonder how hard it would be to find info on myself.

I typed in my name. Hey Look there is my Facebook page...Wait. I don't have Facebook. Hmmm Of course there are other people out there with my name. Ok keep checking with just my name.....Hmmm ok. Wrapping my name in quotes I was able to find 2 links. One is something out of a newspaper release that the military issued detailing a public awards ceremony and the other I found funny because it was a site history that mentions something I did back in the early 90's.

My name wrapped in quotes and home town came up with a link.

Hmmm Guess I'm pretty hard to track down too. I know you can hire one of those web services to track someone but I'm not really interested in doing that. I guess I just found it interesting that here I was grumbling about not being able to find someone when it was difficult to find anything on myself. I have had a web presence for years I have just never used my real name. I have had 3 different "Names" I have used over the years so that is the main reason. I can find plenty when doing a search on those.

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and look at stuff from a different direction. Oh well I'll still type in old friends when I get a chance. That is how I have found others in the past. Well that and MySpace.


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