Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WTF "inaugural day"

OK as of 12:09 pm (PST) and doing a search for Barack Inauguration Day (it's what popped up as I typed "Barak I") the first google link I got was:

Michelle Obama: her first outfit on Barack's inauguration day

From fox news. Really? I understand everyone thought that she would dress down because of the economy but that's what everyone want's to know? What Michelle is wearing? Not only was it the 1st link that came up it was also the subject of the 4th link from New York Daily news site.

Looking at Googles TOP Stories the third link is the LA Times story on what she was wearing. Really? Come on!!! So she is wearing a $1500, Isabel Toledo outfit. How much Do you think President Obama's suit cost? THE SAME, At least his day to day suits coast that much. He has a few of them. Some in grey and some in blue. What is really the big deal? They should dress nice. Both of them. Why not look the best that they can?

I actually feel sorry for most women who are married to powerful men out there. The male can own 7 suits and wear them the whole year and no one will say a thing. But it is expected of the wife to always have something new. Something in fashion. Something that says "Here I Am".

It is news as it is new... Mostly everything else has been covered in the past or the news organizations are waiting for new developments so they throw together a piece on what Ms. Obama is wearing.

Something else. H.W.Bush Was actually Booed by a large portion of the audience today as Members of the GOP were introduced prior to the Swearing in. Some were even singing " Hey! Hey! Goodbye." I little harsh but at least it was a non violent way for a mob to react to someone they find distasteful.

Something new that isn't total crap. http://www.whitehouse.gov/ updated almost as soon as Obama was sworn in. Check it out.


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  1. That's ridiculous.

    Clearly, Aretha's hat was the real story.