Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Board? Nothing to do?

Have you already finished your daily blogging? Checked your E-mail? Cleaned out the fridge, scrubbed the toilets, or Ordered your fifth set of ShamWows? Maybe you have been feeling under the weather but you're tired of laying in bed. What should you do to burn up the next five minutes? What about the next hour?

Maybe you should visit your local library. When was the last time you were there? Hmmm? Well that burned up an hour so.
Now what? Well you could run around your house all nekkid with what ever dangly bits you have flappin around, or you could try your hand at some Origami. Don't know where to start? Well you could have checked out a book at the library while you were there. You didn't though so lets look on the web. Hmmm plenty of stuff there. While not traditionally origami this site has some neat "Print and Fold" stile projects that the kids may enjoy. (try the butterfly, it's pretty and FLYS)

Maybe your looking for a challenge. You have already mastered the easier forms. Your done with bunnies and butterflies. What about a flower? If your a guy your probably thinking WTF? Well it's easy to go out and buy a dozen roses and hand them to your girl. Then they sit in a vase and wilt over the next week, and finally get tossed out. Instead of doing all that spend some time and make them. Do it in secret while she's not around and surprise her. You may like the results. But you don't know how to make an origami rose or you have tried but have never been able to get that one fold just right. Check out YouTube. There are plenty of videos on Origami. Here's a really good Rose by AdamsSara You can use these as is or with a little work make some stems out of wire and floral tape. (I used old flimsy wire coat hangers for my wire. 2 stems per hanger.)

You don't need to go out and get fancy origami paper, if your just puttering around either. Try using some left over wrapping paper. Of course it won't look as perfect as some of the more costly double sided origami paper but it's just fine to practice with. Plus you can cut it what ever size you want. For example check this first of four videos out.

Don't want to read and you don't want to do any sissy folding of paper. Check out Instructables.com You may be able to find something on here that peaks your interest. You may not actually want to make anything but reading some of the instructions and seeing what others have done can be fun and takes up a lot of time.

With another movie on the horizon maybe you want a Harry Potter style wand. Or just one to use for Halloween. Well a single piece of paper, some white glue, (or Mod Podge) a hot glue gun and some paint and you can make a really cool wand for your kids (or yourself. Come on you know you want one.) This instructables gives a very clear, step-by-step tutorial on exactly how to do it yourself.

Still Have a little time left? Collect all your junk mail up and send it back to them. You're really recycling it and it costs them not you. By returning THEIR junk (and maybe that candy bar wrapper you just finished with) back to them in THEIR postage pre-paid envelopes they have to pay about thirty nine cents per return. You win by not putting this junk into the local land fill. The post office wins because they get 39 cents.(The envelopes are not really pre-paid unless they get used) You should sanitize any of your personal information first though. This goes with any mail you eventually toss.

Hmmm. Now I have to go figure out what I'm going to do the rest of the day.


  1. You're like a mad little craft pixie.

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