Friday, January 23, 2009

What's to do in Portland Oregon

I was watching Outlook Portland the other day and it got me thinking that I wish I lived a little closer to Portland. There is a lot of cool stuff that happens in and around the city that I miss because it is too far to drive to.

I have a rule you see. If the trip takes longer than the activity then I'm not going. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense I know but it's something I started using in the past when I was going back and forth on rather it was worth it to go someplace.

Some of the things that I would like to do, use to do, haven't done in a long time or just hits my geek button, but I just haven't gotten around to it are.......

OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry)
Regular Hours (through June 12, 2009) Tuesday—Sunday 9:30 a.m.—5:30 p.m.
I love this place. Just about everything is hands on. There is so much to see and do. Bring your wallet though, because every little thing will cost you. (Becoming a member can reduce costs if you plan on visiting more than once.)

If you haven't been yet but love rock you should really check out OMSI's Laser Light Shows.
I remember making the trip from St Helens once in 18 minutes when we decided to hit a midnight showing. I guess we shouldn't have waited till 11:35 to figure out what to do.

Want to just spend the day browsing arts and crafts? Then the Portland Saturday Market is for you. From it's beginning in 1973 the market has grown and prospered. Located under the Burnside Bridge and in Ankeny Park.

Over 21 and like beer? Try one of the local brewery tours. Widmeris a good start or go all out and take the Brew Bus A guided tour to 3-4 Portland Breweries. It is $40 per person, but you will be able to sample 15 - 25 fresh beers

Each Month Cort and Fatboy from 101.1 KUFO host a Midnight Movie.
Don't miss the next one on Friday, February 6th at 10pm, TRUE ROMANCE at McMenamins Bagdad Theatre on SE Hawthorne in PDX.

There have been many of these that I had missed and would like to of seen, but trying to get a sitter to stick around that late is difficult.

If your a Battlestar Galactica Fan and want to watch the final episodes with like minded people you can Join Cort and Fatboy at the Bagdad Theater, Fridays (Jan 23-Mar 10) each week for the final 9 episodes. Live at 10pm - Free

I would actually go to this even though I'm not a huge fan of the NEW series because of the people you find at events like this.

Need Something to do in February? How about hitting up the 32nd Portland International Film Festival?
Dates: Feb 5, 2009 - Feb 22, 2009
934 SW Salmon
Portland, Oregon
Local Phone: 503-221-1156
Each year the festival screens around 125 shorts, features, and documentaries from around the world. For full details visit the site above. The full schedule should be up by the end of today. Coraline the film adaption of Neil Richard Gaiman's novel of the same name. Is scheduled for day one. Oscar nominee screenings are also on the docket.

Want a good book? Check out Powell's Books This place fills a whole city block with more than a million new, used, and out of print books. While there check out the "As heard on the Rick Emerson Show table." Actually that is just one of the 5 locations to choose from.

New to Oregon or just visiting and want to see the native flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest the try out The Forest Park Conservancy. Just minutes from downtown Portland Forest Park is a great place for runners, hikers and bicyclists.

I know it's a bit early but it's really never to early to start planning your Halloween costume(s)and activities. Maybe this year you should try sign up and participate in Portland's Zombie walk. October 26th is the official Zombie day and Zombie walks have become a pretty big event. It's not just a Portland thing though. Check out this site for groups near you.

If this isn't enough for you then check out. PDX Pipeline for up to date articles about what is happening in and around Portland



  1. Wow, look at you linking all over the place. This must have taken you forever.

    Good ol' Omsi. And blessed, beautiful Powells. I'm hating BSG this season, but what else is new. It's fun to hate.

    ...are you ready to be formally introduced to weebledom? If you're gonna write your ass off, someone should read it. This is good stuff.

  2. Actually it didn't take that long. Most of what I linked I already knew about That's why I linked it. There is still more but I will probably write about them when they come around. Things like the Pirate Festival or Reminders of the midnight movies.

    I'v started a few blogs before but never followed through because it just seemed I was writing to write. (not a bad thing really) But I usually let it slide because no one was reading. So I guess the answer is yes.